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Market cuisine with passion

Pueblo Lopez is the meeting point for lovers of good food, fresh seasonal products and good atmosphere in Fuengirola. The charm of this beautiful Andalusian patio. A space that invites you to sit down and enjoy an evening where flavours, smells and textures combine with the atmosphere of the place to create a unique gastronomic experience.

Restaurante Pueblo Lopez

The Menu

our menu has two characteristics: the creativity of our cuisine and the freshness of our product, always seasonal. Our menu evolves along the year, incorporating the products that come into season and bring new ideas to our kitchen, thus guaranteeing exquisite and surprising dishes.


The philosophy

an innovative menu to take advantage of each one of our four seasons from classic revisits to original creations, Pueblo Lopez is above all a place where we come to fantastic yummy moment, a classic cuisine with local producers allows us to always have the best quality and freshness food

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